Portrait Drawing in Charcoal | Self-Study

PRE-ORDER THIS 9-WEEK SELF-STUDY STREAMING COURSE! Take a serious exploration of drawing the portrait from life in [...]
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PRE-ORDER THIS 9-WEEK SELF-STUDY STREAMING COURSE! Take a serious exploration of drawing the portrait from life in charcoal with Nathan Fowkes.

Portrait Drawing in Charcoal

Nathan will take you step by step through the practical application of:

  • Emphasizing the structure and planes of the head
  • Clearly rendering the values of light and shadow
  • Designing edges, create likeness and composition
  • Numerous drawing techniques, materials and approaches

Students Receive:

  • 9 Lectures/Slideshows
  • 9 Demonstrations
  • A library of other student critiques
  • Tips and exercises to hone your drawing skills
  • Unlimited Streaming
  • Total Course Time: 10:00:21 Hours

*Please read additional information in our FAQ section.

Instructor Bio

Nathan Fowkes is a veteran entertainment and fine artist and has been a popular teacher of life drawing, portrait painting, color and design for the past decade. He attended Art Center College of Design where he studied traditional painting and entertainment design and graduated with honors. Nathan is currently a conceptual artist for animated films with notable clients such as DreamWorks, Disney and Blue Sky. He has worked on 11 feature films including: The Prince of Egypt, Spirit, several projects within the Shrek Universe, How to Train Your Dragon and The Legend of Puss in Boots

Supply List

  • Charcoal pencils (Ritmo b, 3b and Pitt soft are recommended)
  • Soft compressed charcoal (Alphacolor char-kole and Cretacolor chunky charcoal are recommended)
  • Pumpkin orange Prismacolor pencil
  • White or ivory Nupastel
  • White Carbothello pencil (optional)
  • Sepia Conte pencil #617 (optional)
  • Blending stump
  • Kneaded eraser
  • Pen eraser (eraser stick)
  • Newsprint drawing pad 14”x17” or 18“x24” (smooth or rough depending on your preference)
  • Strathmore charcoal paper series 500, storm grey
  • Optional paper: Rives lightweight cream (paper choices will be discussed in more detail in class)
  • Clip board for the drawing pad

Course Comments

4 Responses on Portrait Drawing in Charcoal | Self-Study"

  1. Profile photo of Eddie Eddie says:

    Portrait Drawing with Charcoal
    I have just completed a 9 week online course “Portrait Drawing in Charcoal with Nathan Fowkes Nathan is a brilliant artist and teacher. I cannot express enough his ability to explain the complexity of charcoal . I had never used charcoal before and in 9 weeks he taught me skills I am keen to develop. I am sad that the course is finished . It was a memorable experience to work and laugh with Nathan , a generous and talented artist. Thanks Nathan.

  2. Profile photo of Dalton Muniz Dalton Muniz says:

    Drawing the Portrait in Charcoal
    I can’t express enough how happy I am for taking this course with Nathan Fowkes! Charcoal has its particular limitations and nuances and drawing Portraits with it is quite a challenge! Good luck for us to have an artist of his caliber to guide us and achieve so amazing results with it! For 9 weeks I had experimented it, and I am sad its over, but I feel his guidance is already in my work and the right direction is set! I am so thankful to him for it! Thanks Nathan!

  3. An extraordinary way to level up
    Learning to draw the portrait with Nathan Fowkes has been a truly enriching experience.
    Following the course week by week exponentially improved my technique and understanding of the medium, getting great results since the very first day. Nathan is an exceptional teacher. Even through a self-study course, his passion and knowledge are transmitted in a really encouraging way to the student. All the videos are really enjoyable and educational. Plus, every single demo works perfectly to show you in which direction to move.
    I honestly recommend this course to anyone interested in drawing the portrait and/or learning more about charcoal. Me, personally, before taking it, had to do a large commission featuring a lot of portraits, and felt a bit insecure. After the course, I could face it much more confident and it was quite a success.
    So, to conclude: an extraordinary course taught by an extraordinary teacher with a lot of experience to share.

  4. What's in the light is light and what's in the shadow is shadow.
    Nathan really helped me about how to see. The expression that he often uses in this course “what’s in the light is light and what’s in the shadow is shadow” changed my approach to simplify values and today I use this technique to teach my own students. I’d like to thank you Nathan and LAAFA to but this course online. Estevao Chromiec.

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