Testimonial 9 – Jenny C.

Taking Sam Michlap’s Dynamic Color Sketching for Entertainment class was an absolute blessing. As lucky as I’ve been to have gone through an art school with a very strong program, I will say that taking Sam’s class really took it one step further and “connected the dots” for me. And that alone is more than worth the price of admission. In general, to take this class is to sign up for a wealth of information in composition, design, painting, and most notably, color. But far beyond that, it’s also a class that will help you to actually apply that information – in an immediate way. Chances are, you’ll be seeing very visible and very real jumps of improvement that will end up startling you. From the career tips, the numerous resource recommendations, the extremely informative lectures, and the amazing demos, Sam’s dedication and passion for imparting his knowledge is unmatched. I would recommend this class to anyone and everyone!

Jenny C.

Jen K.

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