Analyze the important muscles needed to create convincing figures and learn about surface anatomy such as the fat distribution and the fasciae that surrounds every inch of the living form.  Well thought out and easily understood assignments enable the student to better understand the living form of the model and more easily create form from the imagination.  Most importantly, the student will gain the confidence to edit the living model and therefore interpret more poetically what he/she sees to make their drawing or painting more personal.

BIO: Rey Bustos has been an illustrator since 1989. He has illustrated for several companies, magazines and freelanced for top studios such as Disney/Pixar. Rey has also been exhibiting fine art and teaching since 1990. He is known world-wide as one of the preeminent artistic anatomy teachers in the country.


Course Curriculum

Free Preview
2D Anatomy | Free Preview FREE 00:05:00
Preview for 2D Anatomy with Rey Bustos
Section 1
2D Anatomy Introduction 00:31:00
Rey introduces the class by describing his background and approach to teaching anatomy. He discusses the importance of the skeleton in figure drawing.
The Skeleton 00:21:00
An overview of the skeleton is given, with a focus on the function of each structure. A lecture will introduce the major parts of the pelvis.
The Pelvis 00:21:00
The structure of the pelvis is broken down with a demonstration. The major parts of the pelvis are analyzed.
Front of the Pelvis 00:21:00
Rey goes in depth with the diagram of a pelvis from the front view. The function of each part is explained as it is added to the diagram.
Side Angle of the Pelvis 00:23:00
A diagram from a side angle is done to help show the three dimensional forms of the pelvis. The differences of the pelvis in men and women is demonstrated.
2D Anatomy | Homework Assignment 1 00:25:00
The bones in the arm are introduced. Materials are discussed and the first homework assignment is given.
2D Anatomy Syllabus 00:22:00
The materials and syllabus are discussed as Rey explains what is expected in the class. The muscle sheet that will guide the curriculum is introduced.
Section 2
Muscles 1 through 4 00:26:00
The major muscles of the lower leg will be reviewed. To help visualize the leg in 3D, Rey references an ecorché model as he groups the essential muscles.
Muscles 5 through 8 00:18:00
The rest of the lower leg muscles are added to the diagram. The leg is drawn in several different positions to clarify the placement and function of the muscles.
2D Anatomy | Homework Assignment 2 00:02:00
The homework assignment is given.
Section 3
The Quadriceps 00:33:00
A lecture on the quadriceps will review the muscles 9 through 11. There will be demonstrations from different angles explaining the structure and function.
The Adductors and Flexors 00:30:00
A lecture will review the muscles 12 through 18. A demo will be drawn showing how the leg muscles appear from the side. Each muscle will be explained as it is added to a diagram.
The Gluteals 00:30:00
The muscles reviewed will be 19 through 21. The lecture will move to the gluteal muscles as they are added to the diagram.
The Sartorius and the Band of Richer 00:24:00
The last muscle on the list for today is 22, the iliotibial band. The sartorius muscle and the band of Richer will be discussed and added to the diagrams.
Section 4
2D Anatomy | Ecorché 00:23:00
Rey breaks out his ecorché to give a more detailed explanation of the thigh and legs. He attaches the muscles and tendons, giving a 3D analysis of each muscle.
Leg Demo: Part 1 FREE 00:22:00
Rey will demo a drawing of the thigh and leg while offering tips on how to sharpen pencils. He uses a Leonardo da Vinci drawing as a reference and discusses his approach to beginning a drawing.
Leg Demo: Part 2 00:25:00
Rey continues his demonstration on drawing the leg. He identifies each muscle as he develops the forms on the leg.
Section 5
Front Torso 00:25:00
Rey introduces the class to the torso by demonstrating how to locate the landmarks of the body.
Front Torso Demonstration 00:30:00
Rey continues his torso demo by introducing the neck muscles. He continues locating landmarks as he adds muscles to the diagram.
The Abdominal Muscles 00:27:00
The abdominal muscles will be explained and added to the diagram. The front and some of the back muscles will be discussed and added to the diagram.
Obliques and Back Muscles 00:32:00
A demonstration will show how the external obliques and back muscles connect to the arms and torso
2D Anatomy | Homework Review 1 00:28:00
Rey will give critiques on last week’s homework.
Section 6
Upper Body Demo: Part 1 00:30:00
A demo using a Pierre-Paul Prud'hon drawing as a reference will be blocked-in lightly. The landmarks will be located and lightly drawn in with an explanation of how the muscles fit.
Upper Body Demo: Part 2 00:31:00
Shadows are added and values are darkened to develop forms. Values slowly built, working light to dark.
2D Anatomy | Review Homework 2 00:13:00
A critique is given of last week’s homework.
2D Anatomy | The Model 00:14:00
Rey will work with students to help improve their drawings.
Section 7
2D Anatomy | The Back 00:28:00
An overview of the back will be presented to the class. The sacrospinalis muscle will be discussed and added on a diagram.
Muscles 26 through 31 00:26:00
Muscles 26 through 31 will be reviewed and added to a diagram. The muscles will be drawn from different angles to help visualize in 3D space.
Muscles 32 through 33 00:22:00
Muscles 32 through 33 will be reviewed and added to a diagram. The triangle of auscultation is explained and located on the diagram for clarity.
2D Anatomy | Back Demonstration 00:21:00
A demo on how to draw the muscles on the back will be done using a Pontormo drawing as a reference. Each muscle will be explained as it is added to the drawing.
2D Anatomy | 3D Back Demonstration 00:11:00
Muscles made of clay will be placed on an ecorché for a 3 dimensional visualization of the back muscles.
2D Anatomy | Review Homework 3 00:15:00
A critique of the previous week's homework will be given.
Section 8
2D Anatomy | Back Demo Part 1 00:26:00
A drawing by Raphael is used as a reference in a demo to help clarify the muscles on the back. The back muscles will be reviewed as they are drawn onto the figure.
2D Anatomy | Back Demo Part 2 00:19:00
The arm muscles are added to the drawing, showing how they weave into the back. There will be explanations of how each muscle appears on the pose as they are added.
2D Anatomy | Back Demo Part 3 00:19:00
The fatty muscles are draped along the figure as the drawing is developed. The goal is have an understanding of how the muscles drape along the body, and not rely on copying.
2D Anatomy | Pose 1 00:11:00
A live model will be used as the reference for the class. A critique of student’s work will help guide their drawings.
2D Anatomy | Pose 2 00:12:00
The back and arm muscles are reviewed as the class moves on to another pose with the model.
2D Anatomy | Review Homework 4 00:11:00
A critique of last week's homework will be done.
2D Anatomy | Pose 3 00:07:00
The class will end with a third and final pose by the model.
Section 9
2D Anatomy | The Arm 00:26:00
Today's lecture will begin with a brief overview of the arm. The Triceps will be reviewed, covering the muscles 34a and 34b.
Brachialis and Biceps 00:19:00
Muscles 35 and 36 will be reviewed. Rey will go in depth with the brachialis and the biceps will be discussed.
The Forearm Muscles FREE 00:31:00
An in depth lecture on the extensors and flexors of the forearm will be given with diagrams drawn from different angles to help visualize in 3D. The muscles 38 through 47 will be reviewed.
2D Anatomy | Arm Demonstration 00:26:00
The arm muscles will be explained as they are added to a drawing of the arm. A painting by Guiseppi Crespi will be used as a reference for the demo.
Ecorché Arm Demo 00:13:00
Clay muscles will be placed on an ecorché to help visualize the arm three dimensionally.
2D Anatomy | Homework Assignment 3 00:10:00
The expectations for the homework assignment are discussed and presented for the class.
Section 10
Anatomy Slideshow Part 1 00:25:00
A slideshow presentation of models in various poses will show how the landmarks of the body line up.
Anatomy Slideshow Part 2 00:24:00
The slideshow continues with pictures of models in different poses.
The Body in Art 00:37:00
Previous lessons will be revisited with a slideshow of images. Pictures of classical art depicting the human body throughout history will be presented.
Leonardo and Rey’s show 00:21:00
Images of drawings made by Leonardo DaVinci are discussed and presented for the class. Rey will show his gallery of more than 50 panels that depict his notes and drawings of human anatomy on the blackboard.
2D Anatomy | The Skull 00:34:00
A lecture on the skull will be given with a diagram on the blackboard. The major muscles of the face will be drawn in two demonstrations.
2D Anatomy | The Hands 00:21:00
The final lecture will cover the hands. A demo will be drawn with an explanation of the major muscles.
2D Anatomy | Review Homework 5 00:05:00
The final homework assignment will be reviewed to end the class.

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  1. Great Anatomy Course!


    If you are interested in drawing, painting or sculpting the figure, knowledge of anatomy will take your art to the next level. If your like me, I learn better through video rather than reading a book. Although I do have all of the artist anatomy books and have taken some great anatomy classes as well, but I wanted a refresher class to solidify my knowledge.
    This class is not only good for an anatomy refresher, but even better for anyone who has not studied anatomy before.

    I found Rey to not only be very knowledgeable about anatomy, but a good instructor as well. The bonus is that he is passionate about anatomy, and this is conveyed through his lectures.
    I found myself looking forward to the each lecture because of his enthusiasm. If you want to take your figurative work to the next level, this is the class for you! I highly recommend this one!

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