An Écorché/3D anatomy model is a centuries old method of learning anatomy through three-dimensional means. Écorché (French for “flayed body”) refers to human or animal anatomical constructions by which you can see the interplay between the skeleton, tendons, ligaments and muscles that creates what we see on the living form.  It is an essential means for every figurative artist to better interpret the form though knowledge of what is observed.  Make a skeleton in Sculpey (paying particular attention to the shapes of the bones), and follow that by laying on the muscles that constitute artistic anatomical form. This is an intense, hands-on approach to learning the body — a necessity for any artist concerned with learning accurate anatomical representation.

BIO:Rey Bustos has been an illustrator since 1989. He has illustrated for several companies, magazines and freelanced for top studios such as Disney/Pixar. Rey has also been exhibiting fine art and teaching since 1990. He is known world-wide as one of the preeminent artistic anatomy teachers in the country.



Course Curriculum

Free Preview
3D Anatomy-Écorché | Preview FREE 00:05:00
Preview for 3D Anatomy-Ecorche with Rey Bustos
Section 1
Écorché | Introduction 00:04:00
Rey will introduce himself, and discuss his background.
Écorché | Wireframe 00:42:00
Welcome to 3D Anatomy Écorché with Rey Bustos. A step-by-step tutorial will guide you in bending the wire for the wireframe of the écorché. Landmarks will be located and the rib cage will be constructed.
Écorché | About Rey FREE 00:55:00
Rey will talk about why he became an artist. He expresses his views on the history of art. He bends wires to begin construction of the wireframe of the écorché.
Écorché | Identifying Landmarks 00:36:00
Some information will be repeated and expanded on in a lecture on the landmarks on the body. There will be a demonstration on how to construct the sternum and rib cage.
Écorché | Information 00:49:00
A demo will be given on how to glue the wireframe. Rey will provide references for the information provided by his website, The class will begin constructing the left side of the rib cage with wire.
Écorché | Support 00:13:00
A demonstration will show how to build a strong and balanced pose for the écorché.
Section 2
Écorché | The Pelvis 00:31:00
This week begins with a lecture on the pelvis and the femurs. These two bones are major landmarks of the body, and your écorché will sprout from them.
Écorché | Front of the Pelvis 00:29:00
The Pelvis will be resolved into simple shapes, while introducing the attaching muscles. A diagram will help visualize the three dimensionality of the pelvis.
Écorché | Side of the Pelvis 00:43:00
Rey will discuss the recommended books for the class. A diagram of the Pelvis from a side angle will help explain the three dimensionality of the pelvis.
Écorché | Pelvis Demo 00:24:00
The differences in the male and female pelvis will be discussed. Rey demonstrates how to make the pelvis with clay. The homework will be to build the rest of the pelvis and the femurs.
Section 3
Écorché | Lower Leg and Feet 00:39:00
Todays lecture will begin with the structural strength of the legs and feet. Rey will discuss boiling certain bones making them firm. Diagrams will be made to show the muscles of the foot.
Écorché | The Foot 00:29:00
The bones of the feet will be explained with diagrams and demonstrations. The muscle connections from the legs and feet will help visualize the forms for the sculpture.
Écorché | Tendons of the Foot 00:47:00
The tendons of the foot will be explained with drawing demonstrations, bone casts and picture references. The foot will be drawn in various angles to clarify the forms.
Écorché | Lower Leg and Feet Demo 00:35:00
Beginning with simple shoe shapes, one foot will be sculpted as a skeletal foot. The other foot will be sculpted and painted to look like it is covered with flesh. The tibia and fibula with also be sculpted onto the écorché.
Section 4
Écorché | Vertebral Column 00:31:00
Todays class will open with a lecture on the vertebra. It will be important to simplify shapes when sculpting, indicating the forms and not focusing on detail.
Écorché | Spinous Process and Humerous 00:26:00
The lecture will discuss the spinous process. A demonstration will clarify the structure of the lower arm.
Écorché | Arm Demo 00:20:00
A demonstration will show how to bend wire for the arm. The hand will also be made.
Écorché | Vertebra and Rib Cage Demo 00:22:00
A demonstration will show how to indicate the vertebra with clay. Clay is shaped to make the rib cage.
Section 5
Écorché | Scapula and Clavicle 00:51:00
Todays lecture will cover the shoulder area focusing on the scapula and clavicle. A demo using a painting by Caravaggio as a reference will be used to clarify how the scapula moves under the skin.
Écorché | Back Shoulder Demo 00:28:00
Diagrams will be drawn from different angles explaining the back shoulder area and the acromion process. Clay will be moulded into simple shapes constructing a pectoral muscle, scapula and clavicle.
Écorché | Shoulder and Hand Demo 00:27:00
A demo will show how to make and attach the scapulae onto the écorché. Rey will sculpt the hand and arm, then connect it to the the écorché.
Section 6
Écorché | The Skull 00:54:00
Diagrams of the skull from various angles will be explained in todays lecture. Muscles of the head and neck will be introduced and a demo will be drawn to clarify the forms.
Écorché | Baking the Écorché 00:27:00
Rey will continue the lecture with the neck muscles. He will also explain the best way to bake the écorché using a gas oven.
Écorché | Skull Demo 00:25:00
A demonstration will show how to sculpt the structure of the skull. The eye sockets and openings of the skull cut and the teeth will be indicated with a stamping method.
Section 7
Écorché | Face and Neck Muscles 00:53:00
Today's lecture will focus on the muscles of the face and neck. Rey will also talk about the trapezius and triceps with a focus on the sternocleidomastoid.
Écorché | Triceps 00:34:00
Diagrams of the arm will be drawn from different angles to help clarify the forms of the triceps and surrounding muscles.
Écorché | Sculpting Demo 00:26:00
A demo will show how to sculpt some of the muscles of the skull and neck. The triceps will also be sculpted and added to the écorché.
Section 8
Écorché | The Back 01:03:00
Today’s lecture will cover the muscles on the back from the scapula and clavicle down to the serratus anterior. Diagrams and reference images from multiple angles will be used to explain each muscle.
Écorché | More on the Back 01:01:00
The back lecture will continue with the lower back and the abdominal area. Previously discussed muscles will be reviewed as new muscles are introduced.
Écorché | Sculpting Demo 2 00:21:00
A demo will show how to sculpt simple shapes, indicating the back muscles. The rectus abdominis will be shaped and added to the écorché.
Section 9
Écorché | The Arm Muscles 00:48:00
Todays lecture will cover the upper arm and forearm muscles. The function and interweaving of the muscles of the arm will be explained using diagrams.
Écorché | Arm and Pectoral Muscles 00:51:00
The forearm will be discussed further, reviewing the surrounding muscles. The lecture will include the pectoralis major and the deltoid.
Écorché | Arm Demo 2 00:12:00
The muscles of the arm will be sculpted and placed onto the écorché, followed by the pectoralis major and deltoid.
Écorché | The Leg Muscles 00:30:00
Drawing demonstrations will provide an overview of the leg muscles.
Section 10
Écorché | Upper Leg 00:46:00
Todays lecture will focus on the thigh and gluteal muscles. The muscles will be grouped to simplify and reduce the amount of information.
Écorché | Quadriceps and Flexors 00:40:00
The muscles of the leg will be drawn from different angles to help visualize the forms of the leg. Rey will lecture on the quadriceps & flexors, including the knee.

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    The course is amazing. Rey’s knowledge is fantastic and LAAFA is doing a great job recording with different cameras on different angles.

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    This course is a must for anyone trying to improve their drawing, sculpting, and painting of the human form. You will gain a 3D understanding of the Human Body. Highly recommend!

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