Welcome to Classical Portrait Painting with Andrea Mosley. This 3 1/2 hour tutorial will present a step by step guide to developing a portrait using classical techniques. Time will be spent on developing a drawing before committing to oil paint. Each decision will be explained as the gesture and expression of the model is methodically captured. The painting will be from life with the model sitting under natural light. The session will be split into two separate days.

Bio: Andrea Mosley is a classically trained artist that studied at the atelier Angel Academy of Art in Florence, Italy for four years under the training of world-renowned artist, John Angel, who himself was a student of the great Pietro Annigoni. Andrea, having won first place in the international 2009 Art Renewal Center Scholarship Competition, also received an honorable mention and was a finalist in the Art Renewal Center 2009 Salon. She was one of 20 international students to be awarded free tuition and board in the Hudson River School summer painting course in 2008.

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Course Curriculum

Free Preview
Classical Portrait Painting | Preview FREE 00:05:00
Preview for Classical Portrait Painting with Andrea Mosley.
Section 1
Classical Portrait Painting | Materials and Premixing Colors 00:13:00
This introduction will present the materials used in the demonstration. Basic skin tones will be premixed before getting started with the drawing of the portrait.
Section 2
Classical Portrait Painting | Drawing Stage 00:21:00
A sketch with charcoal will be done to find the gesture of the model. A light pass with thin paint will be used to draw and locate the simple shadow shapes.
Section 3
Classical Portrait Painting | Capture The Expression 00:14:00
Adjustments to the drawing will be made continuously to capture the likeness and expression of the model. Tone will be applied to indicate a light source. Organizing the values within the face will be important in depicting the fall of light over the face.
Section 4
Classical Portrait Painting | Blocking-in Color 00:18:00
The background will be blocked in using a broken color method. The hair will be developed beginning with the darkest values, before mid-tones and highlights are added.
Section 5
Classical Portrait Painting | Beginning The Face 00:32:00
The shadow areas of the face will be blocked-in beginning with the dark portions of the cheek, eye and lips.
Section 6
Classical Portrait Painting | The Face In Light 00:19:00
The mid-tones and areas of the face in light will be blocked-in. Subtle temperature shifts within the mid-tones will help develop the forms around the forehead and cheek areas.
Section 7
Classical Portrait Painting | Light vs Dark 00:16:00
Contrast will be added throughout the hair to help create the illusion of depth.  Details will be painted in the hair & earring, and the light part of the nose will be painted.
Section 8
Classical Portrait Painting | End Of Day 1 FREE 00:28:00
The nose and ridge of the eye in light will be adjusted. The eye will be made bigger and contrast will be added to the mouth.
Section 9
Classical Portrait Painting | Day 2 00:25:00
After a few days away from the painting, the materials will be discussed. The lower half of the canvas with the neck and shirt will be completed.
Section 10
Classical Portrait Painting | Final Session 00:29:00
The remaining eye will be completed. Final adjustments will be made to the face.
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