Capturing the personality and energy of a subject in a portrait painting is common challenge that artists encounter. In this 4 hour tutorial Daniel will discuss his approach to building form, capturing a likeness, and using color. The painting will be split into two days, and be painted from life under a spot light for a dramatic flair. Daniel will explain each brush stroke in detail as he shares his reveals his approach to contemporary portrait painting.

Bio: Daniel began his art education at the age of 8 under the tutelage of his father, the respected artist and educator, Semyon Bilmes.  Being immersed in art from such an early age had a profound impact on his personal growth and creativity, laying a lasting foundation of curiosity that continues to drive and inform his work today. Daniel Bilmes is a contemporary painter, working in Los Angeles.

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Course Curriculum

Free Preview
Contemporary Portrait Painting | Preview FREE 00:05:00
Preview for Contemporary Portrait Painting with Daniel Bilmes.
Section 1
Contemporary Portrait Painting | Materials 00:13:00
The materials used in the tutorial will be presented. Daniel will explain his choices of paint, medium, brushes and canvas.
Section 2
Contemporary Portrait Painting | Blocking-In The Portrait FREE 00:21:00
The composition will be blocked-in using simple shapes and angles. The large abstract shapes will be established before the shadow shapes are located and developed.
Section 3
Contemporary Portrait Painting | Adjusting The Shapes 00:23:00
In the early stage, it is important to be patient with making adjustments to the large abstract shapes. Edges will be adjusted before moving onto the face.
Section 4
Contemporary Portrait Painting | Capturing The Character 00:24:00
Straight lines will be used to make curves, and edges will be kept soft. The drawing will be continuously adjusted as the likeness of the model is captured.
Section 5
Contemporary Portrait Painting | Adjusting The Drawing 00:24:00
Edges will be adjusted continuously as the focus shifts to the rest of the painting.
Section 6
Contemporary Portrait Painting | Eyes & Color Notes FREE 00:20:00
Select areas will be left with color notes for future reference. The focus will shift onto capturing the expression of the model's eyes.
Section 7
Contemporary Portrait Painting | End Of 1st Day 00:25:00
The shoulder and shirt portions of the painting will be developed further. Edges will be fixed and cleaned before the end of the first day. The painting will be left to dry for approximately two days.
Section 8
Contemporary Portrait Painting | Color & Value 00:29:00
In the second day, there will be a brief overview of the colors used in the demo. The focus will be on the face, working on color and value.
Section 9
Contemporary Portrait Painting | Developing Form 00:30:00
Variations of mid-tone colors will be mixed to develop the form in the face area. Mid-tones and highlights will be placed on the lower portion of the face, beginning with the lips, jaw and nose.
Section 10
Contemporary Portrait Painting | Final Stage 00:46:00
Time will be spent adding highlights and finishing the major areas of the face. The focal points of the image will be determined by the amount of detail added.

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