Learn to draw using critical thinking and visualization to create from the imagination. Master Artist Glenn Vilppu teaches that drawing does not occur on paper, but in the mind. He offers fascinating insights on how to draw analytically while still managing to keep a drawing life-like. Communicate the story a drawing is trying to tell and learn how it can be best expressed. This is a great class for all artists; it even includes Glenn’s critiques of student work in this classroom video experience.

BIO:  Glenn Vilppu is a world-renowned artist who has taught anatomy, drawing and painting. He has trained professionals at Rhythm and Hues and several additional studios and institutions. Glenn is the author of several books including, The Vilppu Drawing Manual and the Vilppu Sketch Book.


Course Curriculum

Free Preview
Drawing From Imagination | Preview FREE 00:05:00
Preview for Drawing from Imagination with Glenn Vilppu.
Section 1
Drawing From Imagination | Introduction 00:43:00
Today’s class will begin with an introduction to the visual tools that will be used to analyze the action of a figure. There will be an emphasis on thinking and visualizing form.
Drawing The Figure 00:21:00
Demonstrations over student work will be the teaching method used during sessions featuring a model throughout the course. A series of 2 minute poses will help students understand the rhythm of the figure.
Rhythm & Flow 00:25:00
The class will continue with a series of 2 minute poses with the model focusing on understanding the natural rhythm of the figure.
Demonstration 00:22:00
Sketches by old master artists will be used to demonstrate a way to develop form. Understanding how the old masters captured rhythm in their drawings can help students visualize and draw from imagination.
Section 2
Simple Volumes 00:25:00
Demonstrations will show how to break down the figure into simple volumes. A step by step process presented to the class will help clarify how objects can be placed in space.
10 Minute Sessions 00:24:00
A short series of 10 minute poses will be used to help improve observational skills.
15 Minute Sessions 00:32:00
The goal in this stage is to clarify how forms are placed in space.
Studying From A Master 00:17:00
A demonstration using Titian’s "The Bacchanal of the Andrians" will help clarify the placement of figures in space. Tools will be discussed in class to help visualize the rhythm and flow of the figure.
Section 3
Three Step Process FREE 00:28:00
Today's lesson will focus on a three step process to capture the gesture, block in the figure, and use a box method to clarify volume. Adding tone will be used to clarify how objects are placed in space, not to indicate a light source.
Using Boxes 00:41:00
The first session with a model will focus on following the step by step process discussed earlier. It will be important to visualize the figure in simple volumes and use boxes to avoid ambiguous shapes.
Boxes & Perspective 00:24:00
A short demonstration on perspective will help students visualize the orientation of boxes in space. The session with the model will consist of 5 minute poses.
Developing Dimension 00:29:00
The remainder of the class will follow the three step process discussed earlier. 10 minute poses will be followed by a short tonal demonstration using ink and watercolor.
Section 4
Impression 00:25:00
A presentation showing artist studies of old master drawings will lead into small demonstrations on figure construction. There will be an emphasis on capturing the impression of the gesture to understand the action of the figure.
Torso Exercise Critique 00:16:00
Glenn will visit with each student’s torso exercise to adjust and clarify the simple forms.
Two Minute Poses With A Model 00:20:00
The torso will be the focus in a series of two minute poses.
Simple Forms 00:31:00
The torso will continue to be the focus in a series of two minute poses. Brief discussions of anatomy will help students develop and understand the rhythm of the figure.
Weight & Compression 00:34:00
Demonstrations will help show how to simplify the stretching and pulling of the lower torso and upper torso.
Overlap Forms 00:40:00
The final session will consist of 10 minute poses with a few selected critiques of various angles.
Section 5
Meaning Of Contour Drawing 00:41:00
The classical approach of contour drawing will be explained and demonstrated. The class will look at the old masters to see how they rendered form in their drawings and paintings.
Step By Step 00:39:00
A process of breaking down the steps of a drawing will be presented as a tool and reminder when drawing. A 20 minute demonstration will be followed by excerpts of shorter sessions with students to help guide their drawings.
Constantly Building 00:40:00
A 20 minute demonstration will be followed with short visits with students to guide their drawings. Attention to the upper torso will help clarify the muscle groups in the clavicle and shoulder area.
Over The Surface 00:26:00
Methods will be discussed to help develop form and volume. Demonstrations will be done for the remainder of the class.
Section 6
Proportions 00:34:00
A brief anatomy overview will present methods of measurement to aid figure drawing.
Tools & Measurements 00:23:00
The lecture will continue discussing tools to aid the drawing from imagination.
Model & Proportions 00:32:00
A 20 minute demonstration will display the tools presented in class. Student drawings will be adjusted to help clarify the forms.
Excerpts From Long Poses 00:35:00
Short sessions adjusting student work will include tips and discussions on figure drawing. The class will end with a short pen demo on how to quickly draw the full figure.
Section 7
Upper Torso 00:39:00
The areas around the clavicle and scapula will be discussed in a brief introduction of the surrounding muscles. Diagrams will be constructed to help clarify the overlapping and function of the muscles.
Action Of The Figure 00:33:00
Short excerpts with students will help guide their drawings.
Plains & Corners 00:33:00
Clarification of the muscle groups in the shoulder and clavicle will continue to be the focus with 5, 10 and 15 minute poses.
Long Pose & Short Demos 00:31:00
A 20 minute demonstration will continue to focus on the upper torso. The demo will be followed by short sessions with students to guide their work.
Section 8
Modeling Tone 00:29:00
Traditional methods discussed in this lecture will help the rendering form from imagination independent of the model and lighting source.
Feeling The Flow 00:39:00
A 30 minute demonstration will show the modeling of form. A short head drawing demo will follow.
Overlapping Forms 00:42:00
20 and 15 minute demonstrations will continue to show how to create the illusion of depth.
Three Dimensional Thinking 00:41:00
A 15 minute demonstration will be followed by short sessions with students. A figure demonstration of a pose from imagination will be done with pen and ink.
Section 9
Shadows & Light 00:36:00
The steps of indicating a strong light source will be done with demonstrations. Master drawings will be analyzed to see how cast and core shadows were developed.
Under A Spotlight 00:32:00
A direct light will be used to create strong core and cast shadows.
35 Minute Demo 00:37:00
A 35 minute demonstration will continue working with cast and core shadows.
Short Critiques 00:19:00
Short critiques of student work will be done for the remainder of the class.
Section 10
Using The Chamois 00:36:00
A lecture with demonstrations will show different ways to use the chamois to add an atmosphere to the figure drawings. The chamois will also be used to show ways to amplify the action of a figure.
Gesture & Tone 00:40:00
An ink wash demonstration will show a way to enhance the gesture drawing. The pose of the figure will be drawn from imagination.
Theme & Atmosphere 00:21:00
Demonstrations will continue to feature the tools and ideas discussed in class.
Tips & Final Thoughts 00:32:00
20 and 10 minute demos will fill the remainder of the class as Glenn shares his experience as a young artist.

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