A figure study is an important first step in developing the color and composition of a large painting. In this 2 1/2 hour demonstration, Max will walk you through his approach to a figure study to be used for a multiple figure painting. Max will share his preferences on materials and color, as he paints alla prima from life using a strong spot light. Each decision will be explained as he shares his thought process in every stage of the painting. The mood will be developed to a certain point of completion, which can be used as a reference for a large painting. Once the study is completed, he will present a slideshow and talk about his career as a young painter and illustrator working in New York. He will also discuss his influences and passion for practicing the traditional methods of representational art.

Bio: Max Ginsburg is renowned draftsman known for his realistic depictions of New York City life. He studied under his father, Abraham Ginsburg, and received his BFA from Syracuse University and his MFA from City College of New York. Since the early 50’s, Max has had his work displayed in many galleries and private collections. For many years he worked as an illustrator painting numerous book covers, magazines and advertisements. He has taught at the High School of Art and Design, School of Visual Arts, and the Art Students League in New York. He continues teaching in workshops across the United States, as well as Canada.

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Course Curriculum

Free Preview
Figure Study From Life | Preview FREE 00:05:00
Preview for Figure Study From Life with Max Ginsburg.
Section 1
Figure Study | Wash Painting 00:26:00
A thin tonal wash of oil paint will be used to draw and capture the gesture of the figure.  The composition will be developed by comparing angles and using plumb lines to achieve proportional accuracy.
Section 2
Figure Study | Blocking-In Tonal Masses 00:29:00
Large shadow shapes will be developed as the drawing is refined. Comparing and contrasting the relationships of shapes to each other will be a continuous process.
Section 3
Figure Study | Subtle Tones 00:21:00
Light tones with color temperature variations will be added to the face and neck. The background around the figure and the sweater will be filled in.
Section 4
Figure Study | Turning Forms 00:19:00
A variation of tone and color will be used on the chest area to suggest the turning of form. The tone will be adjusted along the sweater and arms to indicate the fall of light.
Section 5
Figure Study | Adjusting The Shapes 00:19:00
The forms in the sweater will continue to be developed. The hands will be filled in and the proportions of the arms will be adjusted.
Section 6
Figure Study | Seeing the Major Forms 00:19:00
Adjustments will continue to be made on the hands and arms. The bag and sweater will be developed to indicate texture in the material.
Section 7
Figure Study | Refining the Face FREE 00:24:00
The color temperature and tones in the face will be adjusted. Various areas will be touched up before the figure study is completed.
Section 8
Figure Study | Work of Max Ginsburg 1956 – 1979 00:34:00
In this slideshow presentation Max will discuss his approach and process of painting realism. He will discuss his influences in his early work including his father, Abraham Ginsburg. He will also discuss his career as a teacher and the strong relationships he has formed with fellow artists.
Section 9
Figure Study | Work of Max Ginsburg 1980 – 2014 00:45:00
Max will share some of his work from his career as an illustrator. The intent and stories behind some of his emotional and controversial works will be shared. He will also discuss his philosophy on painting from life over using photographic references.

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