Create appealing environments for entertainment.  Dive into design principles including but not limited to perspective, negative and positive space, thumbnails, composition and value. Learn quick sketch techniques, visual development processes and how to conceptualize ideas to finalization. These topics are intended as an introduction to environment design in preparation to becoming visual development artists, designers, illustrators, set designers or concept artists. No matter your skill level, this class will take your design skills to the next level.

BIO: Tyler Carter is a Visual Development Artist, Illustrator and Teacher. His film credits include: Peanuts, Epic, Ice Age: Continental Drift and future development projects.  While in school, he interned at Disney Feature Animation in 2008 and Pixar Animation Studios in 2009 where he worked on projects such as Toy Story 3, Cars 2, and Day & Night.


Course Curriculum

Free Preview
Introduction to Environments | Preview FREE 00:05:00
Preview for Introduction to Environments with Tyler Carter.
Section 1
Perspective 02:26:00
Learn the foundation to reality.
Section 2
Value 02:24:00
The most important element of art you ever learn. Achieve a sense of depth with positive and negative areas.
Section 3
Shape Design/Negative and Positive Space 02:29:00
This will hold the key in creating appeal with your design choices.
Section 4
Atmospheric Perspective FREE 02:26:00
Learn the importance to scale your artwork and create the illusion of depth.
Section 5
Thumbnails 02:25:00
Why thumbnails are vital in saving time and money on a project.
Section 6
Using References 02:21:00
Learn simple techniques when using reference images in your artwork.
Section 7
Visual Development Process 02:23:00
We will discuss important techniques to work quickly and efficiently.
Section 8
Finessing The Design 02:44:00
How to take an image to a finish design.

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    Tyler’s class helped me understand not just building an environment for a world, but to create emotions through the use of values! I enjoyed the class, its definitely worth taking whether you’re just getting started with environment painting or looking to advance your already established skills.

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