Vadim will introduce exercises and methods for understanding the fundamentals of tonal drawing. A step by step process of breaking down a composition into simple light and dark shapes will be done by focusing on value. Light logic and perspective will also be introduced with demonstrations drawn from picture references. Vadim will also discuss his preferred materials for practicing academic tonal drawing.

Bio: Vadim Zanginian graduated from the Art and Theatre Institute where he trained in Russian Academic traditions in painting the figure. From 1994-2003 he worked as a graphic designer and completed many contemporary graphics logos and posters for rock singers including Cher, Paul McCartney, and Moody Blues. He also provided his graphic skills to leading companies like Guess, Harley Davidson, and Hard Rock Cafe. In his art, Vadim aims to get an impression in limited time with a limited palette.

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Course Curriculum

Free Preview
Introduction To Tonal Drawing | Preview FREE 00:05:00
Preview for Introduction To Tonal Drawing with Vadim Zanginian.
Section 1
Materials & Warm-Up Exercises 00:10:00
Materials will be introduced and prepared. A series of exercises will be demonstrated to prepare for the drawing lesson.
Section 2
Shadows In Perspective 00:14:00
The rules of perspective will briefly be demonstrated in this light logic exercise. Cubes and spheres and their shadows will be drawn in perspective, creating the illusion of three dimensional.
Section 3
Tonal Landscape Exercise FREE 00:17:00
A Landscape study from a photograph will utilize the rules of perspective. A value chart will aid the drawing.
Section 4
Multi-Figure Tonal Study 01:04:00
The principles from the previous exercise will be used break down the composition with multiple figures. The charcoal pencil will be used to make precise marks, smooth gradations and refine edges.
Section 5
Tonal Figure Study 01:02:00
The final lesson will focus on a single figure tonal drawing. A photograph reference reference will be used and the figure will be integrated into an environment.

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