Painting from photographs can be a useful exercise in learning how to paint.  In this tutorial Lynn will share her alla prima approach to landscape painting from a photo.  A step by step process will begin by showing how to organize the palette to maintain clean color mixtures.  Experience and knowledge of color theory will be used to create a harmonious and lively painting.  The pros and cons of working from photos will be addressed, as elements from two photos will be combined to produce one painting.  The session will be done in a studio on a rainy day.  It will be developed in the same way as if it were done outdoors on location.


Bio: Lynn Gertenbach received her formal art education at the Colorado Institute of Art, Denver and Art Center School of Design, Los Angeles.  She also attended UCLA, and studied with well-known artists.  She began traveling around the world when she was 21, and spent many days in Europe’s great museums drawing knowledge from the Old Masters.  She had a one woman show in 1972 with 75 of her India works, hosted by LACMA’s Dr. Pratap Pal.  She has exhibited in the Pacific Asia Museum, the Carnegie Museum, the Fredrick Weisman Museum, Malibu, the Haggin Museum, and the Isetan Museum, Tokyo.  Lynn was inducted into the Hall of Fame and received the Life Achievement award from the Colorado Institute of Art.  Her work has been purchased by the prestigious California Club and the Southern California Edison Company.

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Course Curriculum

Free Preview
Landscape Oil Painting From A Reference | Preview FREE 00:05:00
Preview for Landscape Oil Painting From A Reference with Lynn Gertenbach.
Section 1
Materials 00:07:00
The materials used in the tutorial will be introduced.
Section 2
Designing the Composition FREE 00:18:00
A grid will be used to block-in the composition with vine charcoal. The colors for the water will be mixed and blocked-in.
Section 3
Laying In Color FREE 00:20:00
Time will be spent mixing colors to find the right temperature. The value for the background objects and sky will be established.
Section 4
Foreground & Background 00:22:00
Value will be controlled to indicate the distance between objects in the foreground and background. A variety of color will help create focal points and texture in the foreground.
Section 5
Color & Edges 00:31:00
Edges will be adjusted using simple brush strokes and a palette knife. A broken color painting technique will help create a harmonious color effect throughout the composition.
Section 6
Refining Value & Color 00:16:00
The grass in the foreground will be indicated using simple brush strokes. A variety of brushes and color will help control the focal points in the foreground.
Section 7
Indicating Detail 00:23:00
A variety of color and contrast will be applied to the plants adding detail to the foreground. Color temperature and value will be adjusted to complete the painting.

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