In this 2 hour tutorial Kenny will discuss his process of using light to create mood in …

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In this 2 hour tutorial Kenny will discuss his process of using light to create mood in his paintings.  A limited palette will be set up and explained.  The benefits of using a limited palette will be on display with a brief color study painting.  A step by step process of how to develop a composition will be done with a lecture followed by a thumbnail demonstration.  The thumbnail will then be developed into a color study that can be used for a future painting. Bio: Kenny received his B.A. in Fine Art from Colorado College in Colorado Springs.  He has studied in Florence Italy in the atelier of Charles H. Cecil, and under Frank Mason at the Art Student's League in New York.  He has studied internationally, drawing inspiration that has influenced his growing body of work.  He currently teaches at Laguna College of Art and Design.
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Kenny Harris

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Kenny Harris is a realist artist residing in Venice, California. He combines classical training with the energetic, gestural use of line and color from the latter half of the 20th century. He studied at the Charles Cecil Studios in Florence, Italy and the Art Students League in New York under Frank Mason. Kenny's artwork has been featured in solo exhibitions in Los Angeles and New York. His travels have continued to influence his paintings and his body of work. Kenny shows have received critically praise by several well-respected art magazines.

Course Curriculum

    • Limited Palette and Composition | Preview 00:05:00
    • Preview for Limited Palette and Composition with Kenny Harris.
    • Limited Palette and Composition | Setting Up A Limited Palette 00:12:00
    • In this introduction Kenneth will show how he sets up his limited palette. A limited palette will help limit the variables and simplify mixing colors for painting. Simplifying the process will make it easier to control the saturation and value of color.
    • Limited Palette and Composition | Painting with a Limited Palette 00:39:00
    • The limited palette will be used to paint a room using a photograph for reference. Space will be indicated by shifting color temperature and controlling value.
    • Limited Palette and Composition | Composition 00:30:00
    • Examples from Edgar Payne's book "Composition of Outdoor Painting" will show several concepts and forms of composition. Classical paintings will be analyzed to help understand why the compositions were so effective. An image will be chosen and manipulated in preparation for another painting demonstration.
    • Limited Palette and Composition | Thumbnails FREE 00:10:00
    • This is a stage for making adjustments to forms and tonal relationships before committing to an image. One of these two thumbnail drawings will be chosen to develop further into a painting.
    • Limited Palette and Composition | Composition Demonstration 00:25:00
    • A painting of the image developed in the thumbnail stage will be done using a limited palette. Adjustments to color temperature and form will continuously be made to add interest and mystery to the image.
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