Old master studies are a helpful tool for understanding classical painting techniques.  In this tutorial Vadim will use a Zorn palette in this alla prima approach to a master study painting.  Named after the internationally successful artist Anders Zorn, the palette will be limited to 4 colors to help simplify and control value and color temperature.  The portrait of Elizabeth Garrett Anderson by John Singer Sargent will be used as a reference.  The process will be kept simple beginning with large abstract shapes and slowly building forms and skin tones.

Bio: Vadim Zanginian graduated from the Art and Theatre Institute where he trained in Russian Academic traditions in painting the figure. From 1994-2003 he worked as a graphic designer and completed many contemporary graphics logos and posters for rock singers including Cher, Paul McCartney, and Moody Blues. He also provided his graphic skills to leading companies like Guess, Harley Davidson, and Hard Rock Cafe. In his art, Vadim aims to get an impression in limited time with a limited palette.

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Free Preview
Master Study: Portrait by John Sargent | Preview FREE 00:05:00
Preview for Master Study: Portrait by John Sargent with Vadim Zanginian.
Section 1
Blocking-In the Portrait 00:15:00
The portrait by John Singer Sargent and the organization of the palette will be discussed. The canvas will be toned and the simple geometric shapes of the portrait will be blocked-in.
Section 2
Darker & Lighter Value 00:27:00
Dark and light values will be added and the planes of the face will be blocked-in using simple geometric shapes. Smaller brushes will be used to blend and create transitional tones.
Section 3
Developing the Face 00:21:00
The features of the face will be indicated with simple geometric shapes.Time will be spent keeping features symmetrical and matching values using simple brushstrokes.
Section 4
Adjusting Value & Edges FREE 00:08:00
The edges of the hair will be blended into the background. Value adjustments will be made around the canvas.
Section 5
Forms Of the Face 00:25:00
More opaque paint will be used to block-in skin tones on the face. Warm and cool colors will be used to develop form.
Section 6
Lips & Eyes 00:20:00
Small transitional tones will be added to the face creating the illusion of dimension. Highlights will be added and the eyes and lips will be developed further.
Section 7
Final Pass 00:13:00
The face and hair will be developed further. A final layer of paint will be added to the canvas to end the session.
Section 8
Conclusion 00:06:00
After finishing touches are added off screen, Vadim will discuss the process of developing the painting.

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