Sight Size is a method of arranging subject and canvas so that the artist can observe both at a 1 to 1 ratio. It was a traditional method practiced by masters from the Renaissance that allows artist to make accurate measurements for still life and portraiture. In this 7 1/2 hour tutorial, Andrea will use the sight size method to paint a still life under natural light. Beginners will learn how to make decisions on materials, and good habits to practice. Experienced artists will learn new methods to train the eye in drawing and painting realistic work. Each brush stroke will be thoroughly explained as the step by step process will guide you through the development stages into a finished oil painting.

Bio: Andrea Mosley is a classically trained artist that studied at the atelier Angel Academy of Art in Florence, Italy for four years under the training of world-renowned artist, John Angel, who himself was a student of the great Pietro Annigoni. Andrea, having won first place in the international 2009 Art Renewal Center Scholarship Competition, also received an honorable mention and was a finalist in the Art Renewal Center 2009 Salon. She was one of 20 international students to be awarded free tuition and board in the Hudson River School summer painting course in 2008.

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Course Curriculum

Free Preview
Sight Size Painting of A Still Life | Preview FREE 00:05:00
Preview for Sight Size Painting of A Still Life with Andrea Mosley.
Section 1
Materials & Set Up 00:10:00
The materials used in this tutorial will be introduced with a thorough explanation of the reasons for using particular paints. Andrea will also discuss how to arrange for the sight size process, and what habits to practice.
Section 2
Measuring Marks 00:23:00
The still life painting will begin with a charcoal sketch. Time will be spent patiently measuring and lightly marking the dimensions before jumping ahead to drawing shapes.
Section 3
Finding Simple Shapes 00:34:00
Measurements will continue to be made as the shapes are sketched in. The big shapes will be drawn and double checked for accuracy.
Section 4
Adjusting the Drawing 00:20:00
Advice on how to maintain accurate dimensions will be demonstrated. Adjustments will be made to correct the drawing and further develop the composition.
Section 5
Final Adjustments & Wash Drawing FREE 00:33:00
A thin wash of paint will be used to block-in the tone once the final marks are made in charcoal. This section will focus on the tonal block-in of the water pot.
Section 6
Wash Drawing 00:26:00
Form and dimension will be indicated as the fan and board are blocked-in. The values will be organized to demonstrate how to develop the illusion of the fall of light.
Section 7
Blocking-In Color 00:33:00
Medium will be prepared for the block-in of the big tones of the background. The color of the pot, board and cloth will be mixed and blocked-in.
Section 8
Working with Perishables FREE 00:33:00
This section will focus on the color for the lemons. The challenges of painting perishables will be discussed as the first day of the painting ends.
Section 9
Day 2 of the Still Life Painting 00:28:00
After a few days of allowing the painting to dry, the colors will be saturated by adding an oil and varnish medium. The fan will be painted slightly out of focus for compositional reasons.
Section 10
Filling In the Pot 00:37:00
The dark colors will be painted before the mid-tones to indicate the dimension of the pot. The challenges of working with highlights will be discussed as they are added.
Section 11
Spout & Handle 00:36:00
The spout and handle will be filled in using the same color as the rest of the pot. Adjustments to the values of the pot will be made as smaller brushes are used for smaller details.
Section 12
The Cloth 00:40:00
Time will be spent developing the folds of the cloth. A broken color approach will add depth and a variety of color to the cloth.
Section 13
The Wooden Board 00:24:00
Blending and matching colors will be discussed as the wooden board is painted.
Section 14
Adjustments & Adding Texture 00:29:00
Color and value will be adjusted in several areas of the painting to add texture and increase contrast.
Section 15
Finishing Touches 00:42:00
Squares on the board will be added and the background will be repainted to fill holes. Finishing touches will be added to the pot and wooden board.

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