In this 3 hour demo, Jon will use some of the rules of perspective to develop a sketch into a completed ink drawing of a street scene.  Two-Point Perspective is an important tool to have when creating convincing space and depth.  Jon will walk you through his process of loosely blocking in the composition before committing with ink.  The image will be drawn from imagination as each step is explained.  Shadows and texture will be added as the drawing is developed using simple drafting tools.

Bio: Since 1984, Jon Messer has been illustrating architecture and landscape plans.  Jon studied fine art and illustration privately and at Otis Parsons and UCLA. In 1984 he began working with Carlos Diniz, the great American architectural illustrator who became his mentor.  After eight years of working at Carlos Diniz Associates, Jon opened his own studio and has since worked on many projects nationally and internationally.  His illustrations have appeared in national ad campaigns and Charlesbridge publishing.  He teaches traditional perspective to fine art students, animators and concept artists privately.

Course Curriculum

Free Preview
Two-Point Perspective Street Scene Sketch | Preview FREE 00:05:00
Preview for Two-Point Perspective Street Scene Sketch with Jon Messer.
Section 1
Setting The View 00:25:00
The drawing will begin with the placement of the horizon line, followed by the two vanishing points. A sketch of a street scene will be built from the two vanishing points.
Section 2
True-Up Lines 00:37:00
Vertical and horizontal lines will be checked and decisions will be made on how to compose the image. The horizon line will be used to make the scale of the objects and people in the foreground look convincing.
Section 3
Adding Depth 00:20:00
The sketch will be developed further using a drawing pen. Techniques of drawing straight lines will be discussed as thickness is added to the structures.
Section 4
Framing The Scene 00:42:00
Shadows will be hatched and texture will be added to give a sense of reality to the street scene. Decisions will be made on how to crop the image.
Section 5
Shadows & Atmosphere FREE 00:33:00
Texture and details will be added to the buildings. The thickness of trees and buildings will be indicated using a variety of shading techniques
Section 6
Effect Of Light 00:26:00
Cross hatching will be used to develop the form of objects as they appear in light and shadow. Texture will be added to the surrounding buildings to improve the readability of volume.

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