Learn the critical components of making great Concept Art by studying Film, Animation, Games and Painting. Develop your own project to flex your artistic muscles.  Select a classic story to redesign, choosing a style and creating a world through much reference and sketching, leading to a final concept painting.

BIO: Peter Markowski is a Los Angeles based Illustrator, Animator, and Instructor, who currently works in Visual Development at DreamWorks TV. He has worked in Visual Development at Warner Bros. Animation, as a Concept Designer for LEGO, with additional experience in Storyboarding, Book Illustration, and Directing Animated Shorts.


Course Curriculum

Free Preview
Visual Development Fundamentals | Preview FREE 00:05:00
Preview for Visual Development Fundamentals with Peter Markowski
Section 1
Class Intro 00:45:00
Project brainstorming, researching reference materials and sketching will be discussed.
Section 2
Style & Composition 02:30:00
Learn about concept development, composition, perspective and setting the mood in film.
Section 3
“Plus-ing” the Layout FREE 02:48:00
Watch draw-over demos of student work. Learn how to craft a story into art.
Section 4
Finessing/Fine-Tuning 02:49:00
Learn about line weight and how to establish the 1st read.
Section 5
Tonal Painting 02:03:00
You will learn how to set up your Photoshop Workspace and your painting. In addition, we will talk about theatrical lighting in B & W to: o Compose/Direct Eye o Create a Mood/Story o Juggle Dynamic & Believable Lighting
Section 6
Moving into Color 02:15:00
The introduction of Color Theory and how it is used in film, theatre, games, fine art and illustration. You will begin to plan your color scheme into your first digital painting.
Section 7
Digital Painting 2 04:29:00
Techniques, Brushes, Reference will be discussed. Students will learn how make a portfolio page.
Section 8
FINAL! 02:40:00
Class Lecture and review, plus student critiques.
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